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    Type EN: Stores/Firms, Building for sale
    Feature: All-in
    Select Business Sector: Bistros and Bars-Clubs Restaurants Tourist Accomodation

Info générale

Opening year: 1911
Renovations: Recently
Neighborhood: Close to all services | Residential sector | Commercial sector | Waterside | Snowmobile and ATV path | Tourist attractions | Tranquility | Woody | Church | Grocery / Convenience store

Info commerce

Selling price: $ 800,000
Reason for the sale: Sickness
Hotel with two buildings with very good income year round. Many leasehold improvements have been made.
Outstanding services for workers. Good traffic. Frequented year-round by workers in the region of any kind of profession. Recreation like fishing, hunting, mountain biking.
General information about the Central Parent Hotel concept:
Reason for sale: Cause of health problems and no respite. 
2 hours 30 drive from Mont Laurier and 2 hours  from La Tuque.
The sale includes:
  1.  Central Hotel with 5 rooms on the second floor with 3 more to come.
  2. Housing, 2 rooms and bathroom, rented (additional income).
  3. Laundry room with 3 washers & 3 dryers (additional income).
  4. Large bar with 36 seats minimum ($$).
  5. Section for 5 video-poker machines.
  6. Billiard table space (with income).
  7. Dining room with 40 seats.
  8. Large, very functional kitchen, equipped for business. "It's good home-made food where nothing is neglected on quality for workers and customers".
Can serve from 450 to 500 meals a day during certain times of the year including working lunches. Great control of production for meals.
First Building near the hotel:
75 x 101 Feet
10 single beds 10 TV 2 bathrooms rented to workers with 3 meals at $ 38 / day plus other expenses.
Second building:
24 x 66.5 feet
2 double beds per room with 2 bathrooms.
Staff on site in the fort of the year: 25 employees
  1. Kitchen: 1 chel + 2 assistant chefs and 2 divers. 
  2. Dining room: 2 employees during the day and 2 at night. Open from 4:30 am to 9:00 pm. Frequented from 60 to 70 workers. (There are 15 companies in the area).
  3. Bar: 5 employees until 3:00 am.
  4. Maintenance: 1 man at 40 hours.
  5. Owner and owner staff
  6. Accounting: Accounting officer and control documents. Very well organized.
There is no GST & QST on conditional purchase to have your #TXS on purchase.


Equiment / Asset:

All equipment for the smooth operation of the company as well as equipment for the restaurant-bar

Stade of development:
  • Staff stability
  • Good organizational structure
  • Established clientele
  • Property Status: Owner

    Info terrain

    Type of land: Commercial


    Bâtisse / Building: 7 575 pc
    Terrain / Land : 48 749.73 pc
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