1992 - Linda Bouchard, founder, created the Revue Terre et Terrain du Québec which is for landowners who want to sell.

2000 - The arrival of Internet has revolutionized communication and information. The paper magazine is the Répertoire d’Occasions d’Affaires (ROC). It is available online and distributed in 400 newsstands in Quebec.

2004 - Relationships are initiated via the International Board of the World Trade Center Association. Regular presence in several events such as; *Salon National de l’habitation *Salon National de la Franchise Ottawa et Montréal

2005 - The Canadian consulates and embassies abroad regularly received our information about businesses for sale in Quebec.

2006-2007 - This is the beginning of the speed dating ‘‘Journées Rencontres  acheteurs-vendeurs’’, organized in Montreal and others regions.

2013-2014 - Restructuration and updates;

  • Magazine Transactions – Répertoires d’Occasions Commerciales
  • Professional SEO service
  • Free e-book distributed in 190 countries
  • e-magazine online
  • Business Immigration Guide
  • Journée TransActions Affaires
  • Bilingual Website

2014-2015 - Company Development at the International Level

  • Relation Canada International has Licenses abroad