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By accessing this website, by navigating in the site or by using it in any manner whatever, the user accepts the modalities included therein and to comply with all of the applicable laws and regulations. By visiting the site of Relation Canada International (RCI) you implicitly accept our policy of protecting personal information.

This website can contain information which is exclusive property and for which author’s rights must be respected. Information published on this Internet site can contain errors or inaccuracy. RCI does not accept any responsibility concerning any errors in the information contained on this Internet site. The use of this information is at the risk and peril of the user. Information contained on this Internet site can be modified or updated without notice. The fact of furnishing the information does not signify that RCI has given the user a licence with respect to author’s rights or any other intellectual property right of RCI or any other third party. Trade marks, logos and posted service brands on this Internet site constitute registered or common law trade marks belonging to RCI and all other third parties. The use of these latter is strictly prohibited. 

Relation Canada International is preoccupied by the protection of personal information. In its exchanges with users of the site, all reasonable technical means will be put in place to assure the confidential character of information which is exchanged. However, RCI cannot in any way guarantee the secrecy of exchanges and information exchanges since the Internet does not offer full security and the confidential nature of information cannot be assured. 

The goal of personal information which we gather is strictly to identify visitors and/or to facilitate the execution of transactions and requests for services which are carrying out through our site. This generally includes : name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, banking information or credit card numbers necessary to conclude transactions, as well as financial and descriptive 

information relating to the firms for sale. Information of a personal and commercial nature could also be furnished during e-mail exchanges, or on the registration forms for networking activities and services. 

All of these data are strictly used for purposes of processing and payment of a registration for an activity or to process a request for information. In addition, transactions effected by a credit card are handled through a secure payment system which meets the strict norms of the industry.

Relation Canada International undertakes to not transmit exchange or share with third parties personal information, except in the following cases: 

  1. The person authorizes us to do so; 
  2. The sharing of information is necessary for the processing of a transaction with a credit card or 
  3. We are required to do so by law. 

We could also share information furnished by you with recognized consultants to accompany the parties in a commercial transaction. These partners are committed, by virtue of contracts, to use or to divulge information when required to do so to assure the services or to respect legal requirements. 

When an Internet user visits or uses our Internet site, this latter will only retain or store the e-mail address of the Internet user if the latter voluntarily provides this address when registering in the Directory of Business Opportunities or for one of the activities, or requests information and services. 

However, our Internet site can, in the course of a session, produce « cookies » to signal the presence of a visitor and to verify if the structure and content of the site responded to his needs. These temporary files facilitate navigation of the site, but are not stored on the hard disk of the visitor’s computer, once the session is terminated. They contribute to improving client service, among other things, by personalizing the site according to the interests of visitors, by storing certain information - passwords, identification numbers, etc. - which facilitate access and post the contents in relation to the language chosen on the occasion of the first visit. 

This is not a program. It cannot serve to execute a computer code or carry a virus. Most navigators are configured at the outset to accept cookies. But it is possible to deactivate them through functions offered through these same search engines. However, by filtering or deactivating cookies, certain characteristics of the site risk not functioning as well. 

In no case can RCI be held responsible for damages, direct, indirect, special, consecutive, exemplary or punitive, resulting from access to or use by the user of this Internet site, including in particular any loss of profits, interruption of business or any loss of data or programs or other, even if RCI was advised of the possibility of such damages. 

All of the information, including any press releases published by RCI, are presented only on an « as is » basis. RCI does not make any representations or furnish guarantees as to the condition, express or implied, including guarantees relative to the adaptation for a particular use, the market value or the absence of counterfeiting. Please note that certain jurisdictions do not permit the above exclusion clauses. In this case, the user is not subject to these latter. 


The information contained on this Internet site comes from sources believed to be reliable and considered correct at the time of being posted. However, it is provided on an « as is » basis, without any express or implicit guarantee. RCI and its partners do not guarantee the exactness, integrity or topicality of this
information and reserve the right to modify it at any time and without notice. RCI and its partners cannot in any way be held responsible for damages, whatever they might be, in particular damages relative to a loss of profits, an interruption of commercial activities, a loss of information and data, brought about following the use or incapacity to use this Internet site and the information contained therein, even if RCI was informed of the possibility of such damage and interest.

Intellectual property rights

RCI is the owner of the documents presented on this site and retains all of the author’s rights. No portion of this Internet site can be reproduced by any means without the prior approval of RCI. The files may be downloaded on a computer if they are reserved for personal use and not destined for commercial use, on condition that all information concerning exclusive intellectual property rights and other rights are respected.

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RCI reserves the right to amend or revise without notice the posted modalities on this Internet site.