Services offered by Relation Canada International :

Please note: We are not authorized representatives or agents of IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada). Our intervention in cases is only intended to assist in the first stage of case management to introduce you to an authorized representative.

Publication of business opportunities: 6 months

On the Relation Canada International site, business opportunities for sale, partnership or distribution requests or offers are published. Are included 6 months of visibility in all Relation Canada International's supports: Website, paper magazine, electronic magazine, visibility in all partner countries.

Preliminary evaluation of the immigration candidate "professional, student" :

Candidates as "professional or student" must ensure that they have the opportunity to enter Canada. They must obtain a positive evaluation report before investing in some services.
This is not a guarantee, but it does assess the real possibility of success.

Organization of the business prospecting trip to Quebec :

-On a radius of 250 km from Montreal.
-Additional fees apply for greater distances.

-Prerequisite / Evaluation Cost $995 (5 days delay) Payable: $1,995 deposit

Includes: 3 to 5 business opportunities and a letter of invitation for the prospecting trip. Relation Canada International will not sponsor any candidates.

Balance: $3,500 when booking the package, after acceptance of the visitor visa.

Includes: Courtesy of a Canadian professional accompaniment for a 5-day prospecting trip in Quebec, in companies selected by the candidate, with road transportation up to 250 km from Montreal.

Does not include airfare from the country of origin to Canada, the candidate's hotel in Canada or meals. Relation Canada will be able to make reservations on behalf of the candidate at no additional cost.

Search for "specialized professionals" in different fields: biologist, chemist or others:

For any search for a "professional" who can meet the needs of all sectors of activity, Relation Canada International will be able to refer a contact who qualifies according to the client's requirements.

Specific research :

For any request to search for goods and services or expertise located in a country belonging to the RCI network or not, an agreement must always be made between the client and his intermediary. The agreement must stipulate the time frame for execution.